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A Vision. A Mission.

Maritime technology accessible for everyone.

Open Source

All components of the Shark are available as open source and open hardware. Check out our GitHub Organization!

An Ocean Full of Problems

Our oceans are in a critical state. We want to effectively motivate young engineers to work on solutions.


We want to make maritime technology accessible for everyone to promote it among schools and universities.

Like what we do?

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The Shark enables basic tasks for the underwater environment like diving, moving and using sensors underwater.


3D print the models at home – the rest are standardized parts.


Not remotely operated – learn how to use sensors in the underwater environment.


Basic tasks are implemented. Feel free to expand the functionality.

Teach Future Engineers

Bring maritime robotics to the classroom – use our curriculum.


Following the "Keep It Simple Stupid" principle.

Hedgehog Inside

Enjoy all the features of the Hedgehog controller.


Try. Fail. Repeat.

  • A foto of Reini teaching a girl how to use a robot


    An Idea is Born

    The vision of a low-cost underwater robotics kit was born. Late 2015 Reinhard started to work on the project as his Bachelor's thesis.

  • A smartphone and a robot

    April 2016

    From The Sketchbook, To The Field!

    In April 2016 the first prototype of the Shark was presented at ECER 2016. The housing was completely 3D printed. Unfortunately the 3D printed parts failed in terms of waterproofness.

  • Early version of the hedgehog controller

    Late 2016

    Modular Design

    While the first prototype had the props included in the main housing, the Shark 2 had the props as external modules and was using a sewer pipes instead of 3D printed parts as main body.

  • Screenshot of the Web based IDE in a Browserwindow

    April 2017

    In Action

    At the ECER 2017 the robot was used in the second underwater tournament in Bulgaria. The sewer pipe was tested successfully.

  • Early version of the hedgehog controller

    June 2017

    TEDx Donauinsel

    Presentation of Shark 3 – slimmer, lighter and in a beautiful new design. Still open source, open hardware and DIY – now and forever.

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About Us

Who are we and why do we do what we do?

Portrait foto of Reinhard Grabler

Reinhard Grabler

Project Manager

Portrait foto of Clemens Koza aka Der Chefprogrammierer

Clemens Koza

Hedgehog Developer

Portrait Foto of Martin Krammer

Martin Krammer

Lead Designer

It all started with an idea that maritime technology should be accessible to everyone. Our oceans are dying, because of pollution, overfishing, global warming – all human caused. Reinhard, passionate ocean conservationist had the idea of combining his passion with his mechanical engineering education. In his Bachelor's thesis he introduced the first version of the Shark. The design has changed, but not the idea and the intentions. Reinhard does all the calcuations and constructions and is writing the curricula. As well he's the leading force when it comes to following the aim of ocean conservation. Martin is the guy who made it all look awesome, a creative and reliable lead designer. And Clemens, he's the guy for everything concerning the electronic components and programming of the used Hedeghog. We're working on this project voluntarily but got support in terms of hardware and infrastructure (e.g. 3D printer) by the Practical Robotics Institute Austria.


Download the newest release of the Shark.

🚀 Visit us on GitHub/PRIArobotics/shark 🚀

Version 3.0.1
shark-v3.0.1 (latest release)


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